At TRAC we believe technology remains a key enabler for business strategy. Our technology specialists work with you to understand your business needs and deliver the best solutions for you and your clients. From simple back office automation to broker and client workstations, TRAC’s technical team is here to work with you to provide the products and services your business and your clients demand.

Technology Services

  • Business Solution Design and Development

    Software system design and development solutions customized to meet the needs of your organization.  Solutions include:
    • System architecture and design guidance
    • Operational efficiency tools including workflow automation of business processes
    • Billing systems
    • Call tracking
  • IT Business Alignment

    Consulting services designed to help you measure and align your valuable IT operations to your business vision.  Solutions include:
    • Review and establish IT Governance processes
    • Review and create  business technical policy compliance
    • Risk assessment and Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Review and establish general IT operations: Systems, budgets, people.
    • Review and create product and service offering roadmaps