TRAC Financial Services, LLC (“TRAC”) was founded by two financial industry veterans who have spent their careers serving the needs of numerous correspondent clearing clients (broker dealers) in areas such as, but not limited to, operations, product availability, compliance and contract negotiations.

After seeing and experiencing the events that have unfolded in the financial industry in the past, Ray and Craig made the decision to build TRAC.

TRAC was conceived and established as a company that would take a “back to basics” (simple, solid, and timeless) approach to business and bring back the values, principals, and fundamentals of business by delivering real value to our customers. Being aware of the many problems and issues that businesses and the industry as a whole are dealing with, we made the decision to build a business that would offer solutions to deal with those issues.

Knowing that entrepreneurial individuals continue to have a strong and passionate interest in owning and operating their own firms, TRAC Financial Services, LLC (Consulting Services) was formed. Today, our customers continue to maintain their businesses in light of the many issues they must endure which are so much more prevalent today. Firms must deal with the daily concerns facing their business; they must conform to the constantly changing regulatory requirements and they struggle to remain competitive in all areas of their business. These are major challenges.

TRAC will work with you in areas such as regulatory, compliance, operations, administration (contract/fee negotiations) thus allowing you to focus on revenue generating opportunities. In addition, TRAC can review and implement modifications to policies and procedures, assist you with risk management and suggest additional product offerings for your clients.

Shortly after TRAC Financial Services was launched, we begin to work on the final two stages of our business which were TRAC Asset Management, LLC (Registered RIA), and TRAC Insurance Services, LLC (Insurance Agency). With the launch of these two entities we delivered on our objective by putting together businesses that would allow us to service the financial services industry through consulting service, and create significant cross selling opportunities for business, corporate, and individual sectors through our RIA and Insurance Services platforms.

TRAC brings the experience and knowledge to provide a customized service model that will complement the business and personal needs of all our clients. Like a trusted friend, TRAC is and will be there to assist you. Your business requirements, product, and investment needs will be executed with the experience and knowledge of years in the financial industry, incorporating key business values and utilizing a knowledgeable, service-oriented employee base.

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